Hi I'm

Carter Watson

a software engineer


Photo of myself in front of Old Main at Utah State University © Photo by Sarah Rassmussun

Hi I'm Carter Watson! I grew up in northern Utah but have recently relocated to the LA metro area. I graduated from Utah State University in December 2023 with my B.S. in Computer Science.

I have two years of experience working as a software engineer in the aerospace & defense industry. In that time I've learned a lot: programming best practices and standards, CI/CD pipelines, system architechure, and so much more.

Outside of work I enjoy cycling, concerts, and traveling. I just completed my first century (100mi) ride this last summer. My favorite concert ever was Bleachers at the Ogden Amphitheater. My most recent trip was to Banff National Park, where my family and I visited Lake Louise and hiked to the Lake Agnes Tea House.

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The Space Dynamics Laboratory in Logan Ut

Space Dynamics Laboratory

Software Engineer

Petersen Inc in Ogden Ut

Petersen Inc

Program Management Intern

solar panels on a roof


Sales Representative

The Space Dynamics Laboratory in Logan Ut

Utah State University

B.S. in Computer Science


Screenshot of dansautobarn.com

Dan's Auto Barn

Lead an 4-person agile-scrum team as scrum master over four months to create a dynamic car rental site according to requirements given. Built using Django, Bootstrap5, and Vue.js.

Screenshot of VR app with picture in picture of user using the app

VR Heart Sync

A VR project that leverages a peripheral device to change the experience based on user heart rate info. Pioneered the FOCUS technique to allow easier/harder selection based on user fatigue levels. Built with Unity and C# for the Meta Quest 2.

Screen shot of the Choose Your Own Adventure story over VS Code


A hackathon project for HackUSU 2023. Won the Beginner Award in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Used OpenAI API to query ChatGPT 3.5Turbo to create unique characters and stories.

image of android studio with a pixel 4 running my Android Kanban App

Kanban App

An android app that handles tickets on a Kanban board. Final project for CS2410 at USU. Main takeaway was the implementation of the MVVM. Built in Android Studio using Kotlin.

battle bots in a cage match

Project Xenon

Designed and created a robot to participate in the Rocky Mountain chapter of the National Robotics League. Won the Innovation award for our documentation and brainstorming process.

Image of garage with stoplight project wired up.

Stop Light Radar

Built at age 16 using Arduino. Used an ultrasonic sensor to measure the remaining distance until the car is pulled into the garage. Arduino and relay board change the stoplight based on ultrasonic sensor.

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